Review ~ Fantasia, the Realm of Thanos

July 12, 2009

For a first actual post, I’ve decided to review an otome game. What is an otome game, you might ask? An otome game basically, is a dating sim that’s geared to women. Usually, 


There’s this girl, chocoshell –, on WordPress who reviews otome games from Japan. She’s one of the few who can tell us what the heck’s going on, for us sad english speaking otome fans, but she also has amusing commentary (of the fangirl variety) to go along with it. Thanks to her, I got this idea to write a couple of reviews of otome games of my own. However, instead of reviewing Japanese games (since I can’t read/speak Japanese or read kanji at all, I’ve decided to review the few English ones that are out there…and them some regular BxG stuff. 


The stuff I review is usually made by a system called Ren’py. Yup, that’s right. You can actually make English language visual novels now. Don’t you love technology? It’s a slightly bit complicated, but with some time, a dedicated person can make their visual novel. And they usually come with good results. It’s also easy to play too. All you have to do is have a program that reads .zip and/or .rar files, and go to or for some of the new games. For the latter, the download link for the game is often on the first post of the topic. Guys will be happy to know that most of the games are BxG on the site, thus bishoujo everywhere~ And there’s also yuri and yaoi games as well. But for me, I’m all up for the otome games. Because I am a maiden. 



Anyway, the first game reviewed ever on this blog happens to be set mostly in a fantasy setting, far away from the world that we know and love. 








It’s called ‘Fantasia’, the Realm of Thanos for a reason, you know.


Now some people might already be put off by the artwork. If you’re used to pretty, detailed graphics, this might be a shock. But since the visual novels on Ren’py are fanmade, these are made by common, hardworking people. But it’s pretty enough, right? Yes, it is. -points and stabs- But you should at least like the screen…


Plot: Cheryl Nielsen is a regular high school girl (who lost her family in a plane accident. Typical.) Alone in the summer season, Cheryl is walking when she meets a woman she calls the ‘White Lady’. The ‘White Lady’ explains that she has been looking for Cheryl because she has the potential to save Fantasia from an evil Realm. Called Thanos. -tilts head- The reason why Cheryl can save that world is because Cheryl has experienced pain (losing family) and the keys which save Fantasia are inside people (seriously) who have experienced similar pain. Through the power of love (it’s an otome game, for heaven’s sake!) the world of Fantasia can be saved. But be warned ~ once she goes to Fantasia, there’s a chance that Cheryl may never come back. If that’s because she wants to say or if that’s because she dies there is up to the player. Good luck~


‘There are four people with the same pain as you.

The boy who trusts no one…

The boy who thirsts for blood…

The boy with the cursed body…

And the boy who holds the ultimate key…

He rules the Realm of Thanos…

The Demon Lord.’





Cheryl Nielsen – You, the MC. This name can be changed, as you can tell. Cheryl is an average high school girl…well, she lost her family in a tragic plane accident and has been alone ever since. Sometimes she forgets that they’re gone. You know, typical otome heroine stuff, right? And besides, losing your kin actually leads to having romance, so it’s perfectly fine. Cheryl is a rather nice person who likes to help poor handsome boys by giving speeches and meddling in their lives whenever possible, just so they can fall in love with her, take their key, and kill the devil–I mean, Demon Lord. Of course. :3 


White Lady – The woman who brought Cheryl to Fantasia. She is a calm, motherly woman, although she can crack some jokes when she wants to. She seems rather anxious around the Demon Lord, Oswald. She guides Cheryl onto the right path the guys, giving her helpful pheromones that make guys attract her and kinda acting like her maid….I’d like a maid like the White Lady.

 ‘The Boy Who Thirsts For Blood‘ ….hm, sounds like a good song title.


Leon Xaverius – One of the top knights of Seldrus Kingdom, which is where the story takes place in Fantasia. He’s pretty nice, and blue. And his name is Leon, so you kinda know that he’s going to be a bit emo sometimes and have a tragic past.He totally deserves to be voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa for that reason, but…er, nevermind. Leon has a tendency to go berserk at times, and then he can be nice. I think he might be a borderline schizophrenic, but then again, if you were a guy who could kill people before 7 am in the morning, you’d probably go a little crazy. Oh, did I mention he kills people with his mind?


He actually likes Cheryl, so he’s definitely one of the easiest guys to catch. But if you don’t want him, he ends up with a maid from the castle, so it’s all good. Besides the fact that he goes psycho from time to time, he will act like a gentleman, nice enough to return Cheryl’s handkerchief. Another thing to note for people going for him – he likes meat, and lots of it. 


The Boy with the Cursed Body


Ian Vanguardion – If you thought the same thing that I did when I first saw Ian, I totally thought he was a rip-off of Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho, minus Jagan Eye. To some people’s delight, he’s definitely not the same. Ian is the youngest of the group, younger than the MC (while everyone else is the same or older than her). And he acts like it too. He really doesn’t like fighting, due to the fact that he has a cursed body (he can freeze stuff by breathing – King Midas redux :P) He’s usually quite happy and genki and idolizes Leon (to his annoyance) and Oswald.


Some people in the Lemma Soft thread for FtRoT seem to get Ian first, for some reason. (Got Leon first ^^; I like Leon.) Ian is pretty easy too.Unlike Leon and Gil, Ian doesn’t end up with any girl if you don’t choose him. Oh, and he likes spaghetti.


The Boy who Trusts No One‘ – seriously, these remind me of Touhou Project character titles.


Gil Roughknight – Actually, you’re not really supposed to know his name until later, but whatever. Gil, or ‘Hooded Boy’, as he is known in the beginning, hides his head more or less because he is an elf, or actually, a half-elf. And if you’ve ever played Tales of Symphonia, we kinda know what happens to people like Gil. That’s probably why he doesn’t trust anyone, especially humans. But he’s pretty under hood. For some reason, he’s looking for someone with ultimate power.


I wonder if Gil is liked the least. He’s quite calm throughout the game…in reality, I’d like a nice, calm guy like him. By the way, he likes vegetables.


‘The boy who holds the Ultimate Key…

‘He who rules the realm of Thanos…’

‘The Demon Lord’


Oswald Leingod – Oswald is probably Fantasia’s version of Satan, in my personal opinion. He’s arrogant, disrespectful, tactless, and sometimes downright mean. Yet, Oswald is definitely capturable. He’s the hardest to get out of all of them, but it’s worth it. Besides, he has his nice sides, and the best backstory in the game. Ironically, even though he’s the last guy to be revealed in the game, he was so popular that he is canonly the main hero. I think that might be the first otome game where the last hero, and not to mention villain, was actually the main. 


You kinda heard my opinion already. Actually, I can’t help but think the odds were stacked too heavily in Oswald’s favor….^^; He likes …fruit salad. XD I don’t get it either, just deal with it.



The Goods: A fun story, a full story,  distinct personalities. 15! endings. There’s also a small fanbase, which is fun to talk to when you’re done with the story.


The Bad…s: Art could use some work, the music and background are ripped off (although this isn’t really that bad), story can be cliched at times, and doing Oswald’s dirty work kills me inside T_T; There’s also some type-os, since English is the creator’s second language. 😀


I totally and wholeheartedly recommend this title to pretty much any otome gamer who can’t really afford otome games (it is free…you just need a zip opener like Winzip to open the game). It’s really easy to understand the story (besides the typos), and it’s really fun. Oswald’s story might kill the weak of heart….just kidding. You might cry a little. 


Extra Notes: Everyone is worth getting the good ending for at least once. Oswald, obviously, since he has the most endings. But the Starry Night Festival, an event that happens midgame, is something only Ian can win. 😀 Also, aim to get the secret ending when you can. It’s great.


Link to the Game –


4 Responses to “Review ~ Fantasia, the Realm of Thanos”

  1. azureXtwilight said

    Thank you! That’s a nice review. However, the music and BGs are not ripped off or something. They’re from japanese free vn resources sites like sentive and tam music, the BGs are from! XD

  2. Kirroha said

    Actually, anyone can go to the Starry Night Festival. Including Oswald. Really. XD

    It’s just that Ian’s the easiest.

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